Why get an appraisal?

​The appraisal process.

jewelry appraisal cost

Who is qualified to perform a ring appraisal or evaluate other items of Jewelry?

Not every appraisers documents are acceptable to Insurance companies and legal professionals. Before you hire an appraiser, make sure they have the proper qualifications and experience to provide you with an appraisal that meets the current standards, and is the correct type of appraisal for your need.  If you need a ring appraisal or any other item of jewelry, Expert Jewelry Appraisers jewelry insurance appraisal services are accepted  major insurance companies. 

Providing Jacksonville and all of  N.E. Florida With On Site Independent Jewelry Appraisals and Consulting Services.

Expert Jewelry Appraisers LLC.

How you benefit from On Site Appraising.

Most appraisal services require you to leave your valuable items with them, often for several days or even weeks. With our on site, by appointment only  service, you can choose a time and location convienent to you, and the appraisal is performed while you watch.  Your valuable items never leave your sight. Our appraisers bring with them the equipment needed to complete most appraisals while you watch, and you will be given the printed documents, and an electronic copy upon completion.  Your jewelry remains safe at all times.


Your information is confidential and stored in a secure vault. Only you and those you authorize can have access to your appraisal. 

We respect your privacy, and take protecting your information very seriously. Your appraisal document will be securely archived for your future use, and  can be updated  as values or other needs require. 

Scheduling your Appointment.

With our mobile on site service, we can appraise your jewelry where ever it's best for you.  Arrangements can be made to have your items appraised at your home, office, bank, attorneys office, or insurance agents office.  Our appraiser will arrive on time, with a photo ID badge so you can verify their identity. 

There are many reasons why you need an appraisal. 

The most common need is when you want to obtain jewelry insurance.
Most insurance companies require the item to be examined and valued by an appraiser who is a G.I.A. Graduate Gemologist (G.G.), who has specialized training in jewelry appraising, and who is not the seller.  If you have a previous appraisal that is more than 5 years old, it should also be appraised so you will not be underinsured.  Other common reasons to get an appraisal is when buying or selling  an item, estate planning or probate needs, to authenticate diamond and gem certificates, or for just plain curiosity!   
The appraisal cost is determined by the item's complexity, and the time required to complete the appraisal. 

Regardless of the final value, most items can be appraised in 30 minuets.
Fee's begin at $45.00 for a very basic item, with most items ranging from $75.00 to $150.00  Quantity discounts are available for appraisals with 3 or more items.  Our on site appraisal service may also require additional travel fee's if your location is out side of  our normal service area.  Consultation services are charged by the hour plus travel fee's if any.                     
After determining what type of appraisal document you need, the Gemologist Appraiser will begin the process of appraising.

The  jewelry items are then cleaned and their condition is evaluated.  Each item's components are  then identified, measured, quality graded, and described using specific gemological terms.  Digital photo's are taken, and values are given to each component, and for the entire item. The finished documents are then formatted,  and both a printed copy and a digital copy are produced and given to you.  We then archive the documents  on our secure server, so they can be updated when needed in the future.    

Serving Florida's First Coast By Appointment Only.  Areas Served: Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach, Baldwin, Bunnell, Daytona, Deland, Deltona, Fernandina Beach, Flagler Beach, Green Cove Springs, Hastings, Lakeside, Macclenny, Middleburg, Orange Park, Ormond Beach, Palatka, Palm Coast, Ponte Vedra, Port Orange, St. Augustine, St. Johns, Villano, Yulee.     


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Expert Jewelry Appraisers

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jewelry appraisal cost

jewelry appraisal cost Jewelry insurance Appraisals

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​Expert Jewelry Appraisers

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